Our vision

To build an ecosystem where businesses and individuals receive best value for their transactions globally.

mission statement

Members at the forefront of our decision making.

To empower our members to determine and obtain the best value for their transactions within our marketplace.

Build an innovative technology platform that is safe and secure.

An ecosystem built around best-in-class partners.

our story

Globalization is increasingly crucial for economic growth and continues to lift millions out of poverty. The livelihoods of many homes in the emerging markets depend on inflows from economic migrants across the developed markets.

Many businesses across emerging markets depend on outflows to the developed markets. We recognize the interconnectivity between both and have mapped solutions to help keep smiles going across borders.

Meet our team

The amazing people at swapmoney making cross border payments as seamless as possible.


Abiodun Okono

Co-Founder and Director


Olamobisi Fawehinmi

Co-Founder and Director

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Truly borderless payment solution.

We have mapped solutions to help keep smiles going across borders

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Customers Success Stories

Delivering on our promise and meeting members expectations has led to our members sharing their Swapmoney experience.

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Growth Partner

Our Growth Business Partners are business enthusiasts who earn generously for introducing us to active clients.

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Technology / Service Partner

Our ecosystem is built around best-in-class partners, they are strategically selected to help us provide the best possible service

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