Corporates, SMEs, Agents and Individuals who have fx obligations across trade, imports, exports, commerce and personal use cases

Swapmoney enables customers fulfill their commitments and obligations across (but not limited to); Treasury payments, Supplier payments (invoices), Tuition fees, Medical bills, international remittances, mortgage payments, multicurrency wallets and other white label offerings.

Swapmoney offers competitive fx rates in 45+ currencies. We have the capability to fulfill fx-based transactions to 180+ countries/destinations. We fully understand migration patterns and the flow of money for international trade.

Direct Swapmoney services are immediately available to corporates, SMEs, agents and individuals across the UK and emerging markets like Nigeria.

Kenya, Ghana, EU and USA are next on our OpCo (Physical & Digital) roadmap

  • Individuals can access Swapmoney directly via
  • Agents can access Swapmoney via the agent portal and dedicated whatsapp channels
  • We are consistently in touch with our our Growth Partners via dedicated whatsapp groups
  • We establish direct relationships with Corporates and SMEs with an account management team

Money transfer is free for Swapmoney members. Silver, gold and platinum members pay a yearly subscription fee to use the platform.

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Delivering on our promise and meeting members expectations has led to our members sharing their Swapmoney experience.

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Growth Partner

Our Growth Business Partners are business enthusiasts who earn generously for introducing us to active clients.

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Our ecosystem is built around best-in-class partners, they are strategically selected to help us provide the best possible service

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