Olusegun Akande

“As a market leader in the Afro Caribbean food industry, sourcing quality foods for our valued customer is in our DNA, in doing this, it’s imperative that we make payments to our suppliers across the globe seamlessly to continue to serve our ever growing customer base, this is where Swapmoney has been of added value, providing competitive FX rates and ensure payments reach our suppliers on time.
They have taken time to understand our business, ensuring we continue to be the 'Pride of Africa'”.

CEO / Co-Founder

Pritam Choudhury

“Since the start of the relationship with Swapmoney, our productivity has increased significantly, our product time to market has been accelerated thanks to their supplier invoice payment solution. Swapmoney is an integral component of our supplier chain services.”

Managing Director, Manipal Group

Engr. Osondu Uzomaka

“In the past, waiting 2hours for remittance to Nigeria would be kinda normal. With Swapmoney, normal is now less than 5 minutes. Payment virtually as fast as doing a local transfer in the U.K. So, how can one beat that!”

IT Consultant

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